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New Year,
New Craft

Kick off the new year by becoming a macrame

master with a Terracotta & Twine DIY kit

Ingrow DIY Kit 9.jpg

Downloadable Macrame Patterns

If you've already got everything you need to start your macrame project but you don't know what you actually want to make, try one of these PDF downloadable patterns

Bex Holding Haxby Briggs Macrame Plant Hanger 1.jpg

Macrame maker,
Bradford based.

Hi - I'm Bex and I own and run Terracotta & Twine from my home office in Bradford in the UK. 

I first fell in love with macrame in 2019 when my partner and I bought our first home and I got SUPER into interior design (the actual decorating I'm not so fond of). After buying a few macrame pieces for the house, I decided to give it a go and fell in love with the craft, just in time for the first lockdown of 2020. 

I love that macrame can be used both to create amazing wall hangings that are just pure art, or can be used to fill a practical need and still looks stunning.

For the crafters

Rather than keeping all the fun for myself, I’ve put together a bunch of resources to help you learn to macrame. Whatever your learning style, there's something for you.

Ingrow DIY Kit 2.jpg

Macrame DIY Kits

Macrame Pattern Book 2.jpg
Half Square Knot.png

Knot Tutorials

Rolls of Macrame Cord 2.jpg

Helpful blog posts

Macrame Wall Hangings

The walls of your home are like your own private art gallery. Adding a macrame wall hanging is a great way of adding texture and softness to the walls which will make the space feel warmer and cosier. 

Whatever the colour scheme of your house, one of our 33 colour options are bound to fit perfectly allowing you to add a touch of texture to your home with full confidence that it'll fit.

Wether you're looking for a striking, stand alone macrame wall hanging to be the centrepiece on a wall, or a smaller wall hanging to fit in amongst your gallery wall, Terracotta & Twine has what you're looking for.

Terracotta coloured macrame wall hanging against a plain background

Perfect macrame gifts

These macrame pieces make perfect Thank You gifts, House Warming gifts or just Thinking of You gifts. Treat someone to cute, colourful present with these macrame gifts:

Green plant in a macrame plant hanger in front of a plain wall
A grey macrame bookmark layed in an open book
Different coloured macrame keyrings layed in a circle
Two round macrame coasters on a wicker table with a mug of coffee
terracotta coloured macrame wall hanging with macrame DIY kit ingredients

Couch Crafting

I'm not always able to stand for long periods of time as I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, but I never want this to stop me being able to macrame. Because of that, it's important to me that I offer plenty of patterns and DIY kits for people who are in a similar situation. 

My 'Couch Crafting' projects are macrame pieces that are small enough to be made on your lap whilst sitting on the sofa. Just prop a clipboard up on some cushions, attach your project and off you go. If you buy one of the DIY kits in this range, a mini clipboard is already included.

Terracotta and Twine Instagram

Hear about new products, see behind the scenes and probably watch Bex flail her way through trying to run a social media account by following @terracottaandtwine.

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