About Me

I'm Bex Grimwood, I tie a lot of knots.

It's Nice To Meet You!

I'm Bex, I run Terracotta & Twine. I spend a lot of time tangled up in twine and coming up with new ideas for plant hangers, wall hangings or just creative ways to do macrame without having to stand up.

If you're here to learn a bit about me, I'll keep it short and give you some fun facts:

  • I play ukulele

  • I love all things cinnamon flavoured

  • I'm obsessed with wool jumpers

  • I'm also a graphic designer / illustrator

  • My 'happy place' is laying in the back of a van on a makeshift bed in the sunshine reading a book

Terracotta and Twine Lister hand painted plant pot in Sunbridge macrame plant hanger

Why the focus on Bradford?

Because I want people to know that it's awesome!


On a day out in Nottinghamshire, I got talking to an old couple in a forest (that's how all great stories start, right?) and when I mentioned Bradford, they got all excited and started listing off all the places they'd visited here. It was such a contrast to the responses I usually hear when I mention where I'm from that it stuck in my mind and I thought "you know what, we do have a lot of awesome stuff here!"

So, I want to share a bit of that awesomeness with you!

Knots & Pots

When I bought my first house in 2019, and started picking out decor, I became obsessed with macrame (and wicker furniture) and putting plants on every surface.

I started studying the plant hangers I bought and decided to teach myself how to create them. From there I started designing my own products and the pots to go with them! 

All my macrame plant hangers, wall hangings and gifts are created from a lovely 100% cotton twine. This is the exact same twine you receive in your DIY kits. My hand painted pots are made from terracotta and painted by me with acrylic paint.

My designs are loosely inspired by a love of my hometown, Bradford. The city has a strong industrial background and some incredible architecture which I try and reflect with my pots through a use of sharp lines and muted colour palette. My macrame products are in softer, more earthy colours to reflect the gorgeous surrounding countryside and the creative villages we have here.

If you want to get help with completing your macrame project, visit the tutorials page, or click here to send me a message.

Terracotta and Cord Brush Stroke Vector.

Keep in touch!

If you want to find out more or have any questions, you can contact me here or send an email to

If you just want to keep up to date with everything Terracotta & Twine, you can follow me on instagram here @terracottaandtwine and check in on the blog here.