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A white woman stands behind a range of multicoloured macrame plant hangers

About Me

I'm Bex Grimwood, Bradford (in the UK) based macrame artist and owner of Terracotta & Twine

Macrame. Made in Bradford.

I run Terracotta & Twine out of my home office here in Bradford, where I spend my time designing patterns, making macrame and occasionally dramatic dancing to Total Eclipse of the Heart. 

A white woman holds an armful of macrame cord whilst balancing a roll of cord on her head
A white woman in a rainbow striped jumper holds a bohemian macrame wall hanging

I made my first disastrous macrame project many years ago and swore I'd never try it again. Thankfully in 2020 I did try again, after fulling falling in love with macrame when I bought my house the year before.


I set out to make a macrame plant hanger for my living room and then just never stopped. Terracotta & Twine was created very soon after - partly as a way to justify how much macrame cord I was buying, but mostly because I wanted to help other people get started with macrame and fill everyone's homes with lovely, soft, textile artwork.

"Couch Crafting"

I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome which means I can't always stand in front of a big wall hanging and knot for hours, or create something that requires too much arm movement. But when I hurt, I can usually still sit on the sofa and make a keyring or mini wall hanging. 

Because of this, I'm super passionate about offering a big range of patterns and DIY kits for small, couch-friendly projects that still look great and teach a range of knots. 

Wether people think they can't macrame because they'll struggle to stand long enough, or they can't craft for a long time but still want to complete a project in one go, I design a lot of my patterns to be quick and easy to make whilst sitting down. 

A white woman sits on a chair in front of a green geometric macrame wall hanging and a set of wicker drawers
A white woman sits on the floor holding two rolls of macrame cord to her eyes like telescopes

Aside from macrame...

When I'm not busy tying macrame knots, I can usually be found doing one of the following activities: 

  • reading - I'm a big fan of contemporary romance

  • watching Schitt's Creek for the 38742834th time

  • playing ukulele to a semi-acceptable level

  • camping in my super old, super awesome caravan

  • obsessively searching for second hand knitwear

Find out more

If you want to find out more or have any questions, you can contact me here or send an email to

If you just want to keep up to date with everything Terracotta & Twine, you can follow me on instagram here @terracottaandtwine and check in on the blog here.

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