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Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes on my blog posts, I use affiliate links when I link to Amazon products. 

What is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link means that if you make a purchase through my link, I make a little bit of commission on it, at no cost to you. Kinda like how when you buy a house, the estate agent makes a commission. 

When I use Affiliate Links

Only my Amazon links are affiliate links. I decided to sign up to Amazon's affiliate programme because I realised I was going to be talking about things I use quite frequently and a lot of those things came from Amazon. Because I would have been linking you to the items anyway, I figured I might as well make a little pocket money from the links. 

In my blogs, if I'm linking to a product, I will always make it clear wether I'm linking to the exact thing that I purchased, or a similar item on Amazon. For example - in a blog post I've mentioned that I have an IKEA clothes rail and I've linked to that specific one. If you purchase that, I make no money. But then I've also added a link to a similar product on amazon, because not everyone can get to IKEA. If you purchase the Amazon one, I will make a little money. But either way, I'm always honest with you about which version of something I own. But a lot of the times, I did buy the thing on Amazon. 

Finally, if I'm linking to something on Amazon that I haven't personally used, like in the situation above, I do spend a while checking reviews and prices etc. to make sure I'm linking you to the best possible option and the version I would purchase if I needed to buy another. 

Hopefully this is all super clear, but if you have any questions please get in touch with me here

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