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Continuous Larks Head Knot


If you're using this knot to attach the cord to something, follow these instructions:

1. Tie a regular Larks Head Knot

2. Take the right cord (A) hanging down and bring in front of your dowel or cord (B) then down behind

3. This should have created a loop which you can pull the end of the cord through in front of

4. Pull tight

5. Bring the cord up behind the dowel, creating another loop

6. Pull the cord through the loop to the back

7. Pull tight

If you're creating the loop for the top of a plant hanger, follow these:


1. Bring cord A down over cord B


2. Loop cord A under cord(s) B and back up through the loop created at the top


3. Pull tight


4. Bring cord A down behind cord(s)


5. Loop cord A back up in front of cord(s) B and through the loop created at the top


6. Pull tight


Continuous Larks Head Knot.png
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