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Environmental Impact

In my personal life, I do my best to find plastic free alternatives and recycle as much as possible, so it was important to me that I look at the environmental impact of everything that goes into Terracotta & Twine products. Of course, it isn't perfect but I think it's important that I be as transparent as possible about these things. If you have any suggestions or improvements I could be making, please let me know here or email

Going Well

  • My packing materials contain no plastic and contains recycled paper and cardboard where possible

  • I spent a long time looking into the materials and process' used in pottery making and concluded that Terracotta had the lowest environmental impact

  • I use 100% cotton twine for most macrame products, except the mini wall hangings which are a blend of 80% cotton and 20% recycled polyester.

  • Any left over cord from pieces I make is saved and used to make keyrings or mini-wall hangings. 

  • Any plant pots that have mistakes when painting are smashed and used as drainage gravel

Working On It

  • My terracotta plant pots are painted with acrylic paint. I will keep experimenting and trying to find a more environmentally friendly paint​

  • My terracotta plant pots come from a UK supplier, however they source them from Germany. I am on the lookout for a supplier 100% UK based

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