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  • Bex Grimwood

Now sold at The Little Craft House!

If you follow Terracotta and Twine on instagram, you might have seen a recent post about my products being available in The Little Craft House in Saltaire.

I am SO EXCITED about this. If you fancy having a little trip out to support your favourite macrame artist (ahem, me), you'll be able to purchase any of the following products: Saltaire DIY Kits, Cartwright DIY kits, a ready made Saltaire or Cartwright plant hanger and both the Haworth and Lister plant pots in large.

The Little Craft House in Saltaire

This shop is so awesome if you're into any kind of yarn based crafts - I mean, look how colourful that window display is! They've got DIY kits and supplies for all sorts of projects and plenty of finished, ready made items if you're looking for gifts or just want to purchase something stunning (my personal favourite is the crochet blanket they have hung on the wall. It's BEAUTIFUL).

I took this picture on the day I dropped off my first bit of stock - look how damn cute those little turtles are. I think Terracotta and Twine macrame DIY kits fit fit in perfectly with the lovely selection of products they sell at The Little Craft House.

I stole this picture from their Instagram account but I think we need to talk about that crochet cactus. Three of the four plants used in my product pictures for this website shrivelled up within a week. I have no idea how, I even bought a misting bottle because the internet said they needed misting. Like, I tried so hard. But anyway, if you're like me and have a tendency to kill plants, this crochet cactus is a great way to get the macrame plant hanger look without also having the dead plant look.

SO. Get your butts down to The Little Craft House in Saltaire and treat yourself to some Terracotta & Twine products. Or any of their products. They're all awesome!

And if you're struggling with any macrame projects, don't forget I've got guides and videos on how to tie your knots here.

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