Terracotta and Cord Brush Stroke Vector.
Terracotta and Cord Brush Stroke Vector.
PDF Download Saltaire Plant Hanger Pattern

PDF Download Saltaire Plant Hanger Pattern


This listing is for a downloadable PDF file containing the pattern to create the Saltaire macrame plant hanger pattern. On the front page of the pattern is a link to a private page on the website - this has a video tutorial you can follow. The video is time stamped for each step of the written pattern so if you need extra help with a particular step, you can consult the video and see how I do it.


The Saltaire Macrame Plant Hanger has a series of twists flowing through it, inspired by the River Aire that runs through Saltiare.


The pattern is perfect for intermediates - beginners could probably tackle it but because the loop at the top can be a little tricky, I recommend starting with the Sunbridge or Cartwright patterns.


I created the pattern using 4mm single twist twine, so I recommend using the same to ensure it turns out right. 


Materials needed:

7 x 4 metre cord

1 x 6 metre cord

1 x 0.5 metre cord

1 pair of scissors

1 ruler / measuring tape

Hair brush / comb (optional)


I also recommend having something to hang your project on whilst you make it - I use an over-the-door coat hook.