The Worth Valley plant hanger is perfect for giving as a gift or as an addition to your own home. It's available in a range of colours, so there's an option that will go perfectly with any decor wether that's hanging in a window, over your desk or decorating an empty wall. 


Because this plant hanger doesn't have a hoop at the top - it's just two straps which are held together with a wrap at the top - it's much more versatile for hanging. You can still hang it in the usual ways - on a wall hook or from a pole using an S hook, but it also means that if you have a wider pole that you can't hook anything onto, this plant hanger can just be hooked on the end and hang down either side.


There's a super cute basket effect at the bottom which will cradle your plant pot. This, along with the detail of the two straps and the wide opening at the top makes this a super versatile, unique design for hanging your plants.


Length: 100cm (without plant pot)


Material: recycled cotton


Plant pot not included.


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Worth Valley Plant Hanger

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