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Terms & Conditions

Every item on this site has been hand crafted in my house in Bradford and is quality checked before being sent out. As with any hand crafted product, they all have their own little differences which makes them 100% unique. This does mean that your item won't look identical to the one pictured, but will be as close as possible (eg. if the design on a plant pot includes paint splatters, it would be impossible for the splatter to look identical every time)

I do my best to make sure that photographs and descriptions are accurate and give a true representation of the products so that you receive items you're happy with, however, colours might appear differently on your screen and slight variations could occur when the twine is dyed or the paint mixed. 

Patterns and DIY Kits

All patterns and DIY kits are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced in any capacity or sold by anyone other than Terracotta & Twine. All graphics and text included in these are property of Terracotta & Twine.  

All wording and design on this website is owned by Terracotta & Twine and is not to be copied, sold or reproduced in any way.

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