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  • Bex Grimwood


Trends can be a pain in the arse.

You don't wanna be re-doing your house every year, but you also don't wanna feel like your house has become a bit of a relic. Thankfully, there are ways to incorporate trends without throwing out everything you own and starting from scratch.

The good news is, macrame is definitely still on trend and can be worked into a stylish interior in SO MANY ways. And also - it's art! Art is always in style, even if the intricacies change a little.

So, I've scoured the trend reports for 2023 (such fun. I'm a massive interiors nerd) and now I can let you know which trends you can easily use macrame to achieve.


a person wearing a baseball hat, orange shirt and skinny jeans is touching a green macrame wall hanging with a criss cross design. To the side of them is a set of wicker drawers
Photo credit: Terracotta & Twine

Bringing calming, tranquil colours into your home is set to be very popular in 2023. Can't imagine why we'd be looking for ca. Apparently the most popular colours are going to be: dark green, sage green, burnt orange, mustard yellow and colbat blue.

As a weird side note, these form the colour schemes for my kitchen (sage green), living room (dark green and orange) and dining room (dark blue and mustard). Creepy.

If you're wanting to bring some colour into your home but aren't quite ready to go crazy with the paint yet, macrame is an awesome way to bring some trending colours into your interior design. Wether you do it in a small way with some coloured coasters, or you splash out on a wall hanging to get some more obvious colour, your choices are like, basically endless.

I do also highly encourage paint though. My dark green living room is my favourite place in the world. It's so fucking cosy. Although Josh told me the other day that he isn't sure what the theme is for our living room, to which I informed him that it's "a bohemian forest in autumn that's also at the beach". I mean, it's very obvious. I'm not sure how he didn't get that.


Two plant hangers hang next to each other. Each features a butterfly design. One is white, the other is yellow. They each contain green plants
Photo credit: Terracotta & Twine

Thankfully for everyone who became a #plantparent and created a #indoorjungle during lockdown, plants are still in style. I feel like that's weird to say because it's a living thing and doesn't seem like a trend, but apparently there was a big period of time when people just weren't into a plants. I'm unsure what these people did when they had an empty corner in their house and couldn't go "I'll just stick a plant there".

But anyway, macrame.

Plant hangers, man. If filling your house with plants is in style, then you're gonna need to get multi-level with it. You can't have them all on the window ledge or you'll have no where to put stuff you're trying to keep out of reach of the dog...everyone's window ledges are just filled with random socks, right? No? Just me?

Macrame plant hangers are a super easy way to display plants though. In all seriousness, surfaces are useful and they become seriously less useful the more plants you pile on them. But macrame plant hangers can be hung to bring interest to an empty corner of the room or they can be hung from the curtain rail if you have very sun thirsty plants like I do.

You could even combine trends and get a nice mustard coloured plant hanger.


A turquoise mug sits on a round macrame coaster. There is another round macrame coaster in the foreground and some dried bunny tail plants. They are all sitting on a wicker side table
Photo credit: Terracotta & Twine

I'm gonna need you to make sure you've read that correctly. Table scapes. Not table scraps. We're not making a style statement out of leftover bits of soggy Yorkshire pudding.

Apparently, we're all getting into making our dining tables look fancy instead of being purely functional as we're starting to invite people into our homes again. It's also a fuck load cheaper to buy a nice placemat than it is to go out for dinner on a regular basis, but you still have something to feel fancy about.

I can neither confirm or deny that we recently decided to keep our drop leaf table un-dropped permanently and invested in lots of dinner candles...there's definitely a creepy "have these style predictor people being spying on me" vibe to this blog post.

But how does macrame play into a table scape?

The main thing to remember is that this trend is all about making a statement and the statement you wanna be making it "look! I'm fancy!". This is a good thing. You're allowed to be fancy. So, go all out - macrame coasters, macrame placemats, macrame table runners, macrame napkin rings.

Seriously, have you ever seen a macrame table runner? They're bloody stunning.


A terracotta macrame wall hanging is against a plain wall. The wall hanging has a lot of fringe with some bits of white fringe peeking through
Photo credit: Terracotta & Twine

I think this trend is just gonna keep getting stronger year on year to be honest. I remember when eco-friendly first became a thing and we were all like "I'm sorry, you expect me to remember to take a shopping bag to the supermarket with me?!". It's crazy to think we weren't reusing bags the entire time. Almost as crazy as the amount of Bags For Life we own because I really can't ever remember to take a bag to the supermarket with me (don't worry, we use them for literally everything, nothing is going to waste). far as home decor goes - something made from 100% recycled cotton and a bit of wood is pretty damn sustainable.

Not much else to say on that to be honest...macrame is a pretty sustainable craft, so long as it's not made from polyester (and even then, I wouldn't be opposed to recycled polyester being used).

Hopefully this has assured you that there are a bunch of ways that you can incorporate macrame into your interior design in 2023 and be bang on trend.

Is bang on trend a trendy thing to say? It just reminds me of Cillit Bang. Which then reminds me that there used to be a video on YouTube of me and my brother dancing in the kitchen and halfway through, he randomly got a bottle of Cillit Bang out of the cupboard. We were like, 14 years old, it doesn't have to make sense.

So yeah. If you wanna be ultra stylish, I think you need a 100% recycled cotton, mustard coloured macrame plant hanger above your dining table.


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