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A unique, 3D effect macrame wall hanging, designed and made by Bex Grimwood of Terracotta & Twine. 



When I started this macrame wall hanging, my intention was experimenting with the 3D effect spiral winding its wall through the wall hanging. This was such a fun challenge and turned out even better than I imagined it. The textural details on this macrame wall hanging - the squishy looped stripes, the 3D spiral, the shaggy fringe - all make this a super tactile piece of fibre art that you'll want to sink your fingers in to. It's a great way to add a big punch of texture to a room and soften up the appearance of your walls.



This macrame wall hanging is black and terracotta. 


Whilst care has been taken to represent colours as accurately as possible, please be aware that product colours might vary slightly from the images. All monitors and mobile displays have different colour calibration which can affect how colours appear.



Dowel to end of fringe: 46cm

Hanging cord to end of fringe: 51cm

Width: 20.5cm



This macrame wall hanging is made from 100% recycled cotton cord. It is OEKO-Tex 100 Standard certified which means it has been tested and four to contain zero harmful chemicals. You can read more about OEKO-Tex certification here.

Black and Terracotta Macrame Wall Hanging - Crowley



    Wether you're buying a DIY Kit today, or might be interested in one in the future, here are some of the awesome features included in Terracotta & Twine's macrame kits.



    The cord you receive in your macrame kit is 100% recycled cotton and OEKO-TEX certified. This means that it's safe to use and contains no chemicals that could be detrimental to your health.


    All the wood products you receive are un varnished, natural woods. They look great as they are, but it also means you're able to stain them before you start your project, if you want. 


    You'll receive one set of postcards with written instructions and diagrams of how to create each knot in the macrame pattern. 

    You'll receive a second set which also contain written instructions and diagrams of the full process to create your macrame.

    These are printed on sturdy card so you can keep them to refer back to in the future.




    The macrame cord you're given is made from 100% recycled cotton and the colours are created by crushing up old textiles into different colour powders.

    All the instructions are un-laminated, meaning they can be recycled when you're finished. 

    All the packaging used by Terracotta & Twine is free from plastic.



    Each macrame DIY kit contains a link to a video tutorial. In the tutorial, I'll make the project on video, whilst explaining what I'm doing each step of the way. 

    When you go to the video link, you'll find a list of each step in your pattern and which time in the video you'll find me doing them. This makes it super easy to get help if you're stuck on something specific. 

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